Folustorms’ New Africa


Experience the New Africa and all her beauty with Folustorms as she embarks on a tour of African countries to explore art, music and culture. On this episode, we are in Kampala, Uganda; enjoy!

FolustormsTouchdown Accra!

Touchdown Accra! Folustorms begins her tour of the Ghanaian capital ringside, enjoying the thrills of a Boxing Match. Experience fashion, lifestyle and art on this exciting episode of The New Africa.

Dr. Ali Mazrui Explains How

Dr. Ali Mazrui explains how African geography has been the mother of its history. The open eastern seabord allowed the entrance of foreign influence from the east. In fact, Islamic culture, which came from the west, made an impact on Africa 1000 years before Western culture could.

The African Arts Centre Radio

TAAC Radio

The African Arts Centre Radio

TAAC  RADIO is Scotland’s new station working to plug the narrow and wider gaps in modern communication. An affordable and comprehensive platform enabling the disadvantaged poor to participate in basic human development with dignity from Scotland UK,

 We pride ourselves as service providers for the disadvantaged poor of every society and one of the largest non commercial advertising medium for community development.

TAAC broadcaster offers not only air-time but acts as a production house for advertisements and program concepts.

Our volunteers enable TAAC TADIO to provide quality programming and relevant local and international news to the population, and consistently delivers the largest audience of any non commercial media company.

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